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With so many programs to choose from, choosing just the right program can feel a little challenging. We have programs in the areas of manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, business, information technology, and service.

Filling out our contact form below is the first step for furthering your education at Tooele Tech. Our expert enrollment specialists will reach out to provide helpful suggestions so that you can make the best choice for your training. We will use your information responsibly and only for college purposes.

Don’t like forms?

Call 435-248-1800 to schedule an appointment or stop by the college to speak with one of our academic advisors.

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Why choose us? Because you need the RIGHT training.

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We are business and industry’s college.

Our programs and courses are developed and revised in response to ongoing input from employers; instruction is provided using state-of-the-art equipment and instructional materials that reflect the work environment of your chosen career.

Our training is focused.

The Tooele Tech curriculum is competency-based. We work very closely with Occupational Advisory Committees comprised of representatives from business and industry. These committees tell us what skills or “competencies” are necessary for your success as an employee. Our curriculum is developed and revised on an ongoing basis in response to employer input. When you attend Tooele Tech, your progress is measured by your attainment of the skills/competencies identified by employers.

Our scheduling is flexible.

Tooele Tech doesn’t operate on a semester calendar the way that other colleges and universities do. Students begin training when they are ready, progress through the course or program when they have demonstrated mastery of the competencies, and receive a certificate when all associated competencies have been mastered.

Our tuition is affordable.

Tuition at Tooele Tech is $85 per credit for adult students while high school students attend tuition-free. Students register for the number of hours that works for them on the days and times that fit their schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for Parents of High School Students

What is technical education?

լƵ colleges provide career education and training that is designed to give students applicable knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the workplace. լƵ education delivers a huge advantage because students are trained using the most advanced technology available. Upon completion of their program Tooele Tech students are highly skilled and sought after by employers because of their knowledge from technical education.

What types of degrees or certificates are offered?

Tooele Tech offers certificates for many different industries that are “in demand” in and around Tooele County. Completion of a certificate in a student’s chosen program shows that they completed their program and passed each module with high competency.

Is technical education respected in the community/workplace?

Yes it is! In fact, we are dedicated to providing students with a quality education that they can literally “take to work.” Many of our programs have internships and/or clinical programs that provide real-world experience for our students! Because of Tooele Tech’s outstanding reputation for providing relevant education, local businesses and employers often come to us FIRST to fill their employment needs!

What is competency-based education?

Competency-based learning gives you a chance to move past what you already know and focus on what you need to learn. With a competency-based education model, students can move at their own pace, meaning they can go as fast as they want through their program. If they need to slow down to learn new skills, they can as long as they keep the scheduled pace for their course.

How do we get started?

Fill out an application and schedule an appointment with an advisor. Once you have finished your application, call Student Services at 435-248-1800 and schedule an appointment with one of our academic advisors.

What can my child study at Tooele լƵ College?

With over 26 programs to choose from, the answer is just about everything! We have programs in the areas of manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, business, information technology and service. To view all of the specific programs offered at our technical college, please view our program listings.

Can we afford it?

Yes! Remember tuition is free for high school students! When your child turns 16 or has completed the 10th grade, they can start taking classes at Tooele Tech. High school students only pay for books and supplies needed for the course they choose. Upon completion of high school, Tooele Tech offers scholarships and other financial assistance options that are available to students. Take a look at our Financial Aid page for more information.

How does the scheduling work for high school students?

Scheduling is convenient. We offer flexible schedules for all of our students. High school students will work with their high school counselors/CTE coordinators to determine a schedule that will allow them to get all the classes they need to graduate from high school and still be able to take classes at the Tooele Tech. Evening and summer classes are also a good option.

Will Tooele Tech courses transfer to other educational institutions?

Tooele Tech currently offers articulation (transfer of credits) for 900-hour certificate programs toward a Utah State University Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in General Technology.

How can my child benefit from technical training if they plan on attending a 4-year college or university after high school?

լƵ education affords many benefits! By taking advantage of technical education in high school your child will have the skills to:

  1. Find employment making good money while in college. For you as a parent, this could mean less worry about funding a college education. It can also help your child be more independent.
  2. Become a self-motivated, responsible, independent self-learner who will thrive at other educational levels simply because of their experience and the study skills they will acquire during their technical training.
  3. Have an instant advantage over other students who have not had technical education. By obtaining this “hands-on” education, doors can open for your student. If your student wants to go into engineering, the medical field, information technology, or the business world, they will go further because of the “hands-on” foundation they received at Tooele Tech.